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Mitsubishi Mirage Oil Type

Let’s say you’re planning to schedule your Mitsubishi Mirage oil change in Bedford, but you’re not sure what your car needs. Synthetic or conventional? 0W-20 or 5x-30? No need to worry, North Coast Mitsubishi Bedford is your Bedford auto repair and maintenance center with all the answers! Learn all about the best options when changing the oil in a Mitsubishi Mirage, and schedule your next appointment with us at any time.



What’s the Best Mitsubishi Mirage Oil Type? 

When changing the oil in a Mitsubishi Mirage, 0W-20 full synthetic oil is considered the gold standard. This formulation can handle the hot summer and cold winters around Cleveland without compromising performance, so your engine runs smoothly all year long. Most Mirage models use 3.2 quarts of oil, assuming you have the standard 1.2L three-cylinder engine. If you have any questions about your car’s needs, don’t hesitate to ask our service center for help!

Mitsubishi Mirage Oil Type: Synthetic vs. Conventional

When you schedule a Mitsubishi Mirage oil change in Bedford, you usually have the option to choose synthetic or conventional oil. What’s the difference? 

  • Synthetic and conventional oil both start out as crude oil. The oil is then refined into a liquid that flows easily through the engine, lubricating and cooling the components. 
  • While both formulations support the engine’s performance, synthetic is considered the higher quality option. 
  • Conventional oil is a little thicker and doesn’t tend to last as long. Synthetic contains additives that help it resist oxidation and breakdown, and it’s a little thinner in texture.

When Should I Schedule My Mitsubishi Mirage Oil Change in Bedford?

Changing the oil in a Mitsubishi Mirage is part of a well-balanced maintenance routine, so how often should you schedule your oil changes in Northfield? That depends on which motor oil you want to use. A conventional oil change should be scheduled every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. A synthetic oil change, on the other hand, can wait until 7,500 to 15,000 miles!

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